On-demand flexible officespace. Everywhere.

The Everywhere Office helps you reduce your operational costs by taking care of the infrastructure needs of your growing team. By partnering with us, your team gets on-demand access to flexible office space. Everywhere.

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Work as if it was the future

Give your team access to physical workspaces to focus, meet and collaborate throughout the city.
Unlike other real estate solutions, we gather data and use AI to optimize your current office space and help your team work in the way they are most productive.


Each team member gets a debit card delivered to the office by our team.


They download our app and find convenient workspaces that fit their needs right where they need them.


They check in at their best option, and use their new card to purchase a drink or pay by the hour.


And get work done!

Give your team the flexibility they want without losing control!

Our platform provides you with insights from each and every work session.

Employees take advantage of working wherever they want!

With access to an inspiring work environment, they are able to reduce commuting, eliminate distractions at the office/home and, above all, realize that they are more productive while using The Everywhere Office.

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Deep Work from Anywhere!

Reduce your operational costs by giving your employees on-demand access to flexible office space five minutes walking. Everywhere.

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