Enable employees to work successfully from locations beyond the office.

Our platform helps managers monitor and analyze the behavior and productivity of their remote teams, through an easy and automated collection of data points.

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The Everywhere Office

We provide the employee with access to a network of working spaces in their city
with timely recommendations for when and where to work
depending on the tasks at hand, type of work and their working habits.


Managers set the permissions and budget for their teams to work outside the office.


The employee goes to any place in the network of work spaces and gets things done.


We collect data regarding their mood, performance and preferences.


We extract the insights into reports and Managers make better hiring and engagement decisions.

Why businesses choose TEO

Increase profits

by incrementing engagement and productivity of employees

Reduce turnover cost

by attracting and keeping the best employees

Cut fixed costs

by minimizing real estate

Why employees choose TEO


over when and where to work


work-life balance


pace of work

Are you a remote worker?

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